Ski resorts near Turin

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The city of Turin in the north-west of Italy is a hub for two different ski regions. The well-known Milky Way group of ski resorts offers extensive skiing to the west of Turin and over the border into France.

Skiers and snowboarders might be surprised with the extent of the terrain on offer at the Monterosa ski area – known as Italy’s own ‘Three Valleys’ – around the same distance to the north of the city.

And the historic ski resort of Bardonecchia – easily reached by high-speed road and rail connections – offers two different ski area in the mountains which rise from the edge of town.

Those who are planning to arrive in the north-west of Italy through Turin Airport will find road connections to the motorway network around Turin and rail services into the main city centre railway station.

Turin and the ski resorts of the Vialattea

The Vialattea (‘Milky Way’) ski area is one of the biggest interlinked ski regions in Europe and the ski resorts which belong to it have easy access to both the motorway and the rail route west of Turin heading towards the French border.

Sauze d’Oulx

Sauze d’Oulx is the closest of the Milky Way ski resorts to Turin and has a justified reputation as one of the best destinations for intermediate and advanced skiers in the region. The village has consciously attempted to change its earlier reputation as one of the biggest ‘party’ ski resorts in the Alps, although there is still plenty of nightlife.

The ski area is accessed by two chairlifts, one leaving from Sauze d’Oulx and one from the slightly lower Jouvenceaux.

An alternative to the convenience of Sauze d’Oulx is the older and more attractive town of Oulx down in the valley and easily reached off the motorway from Turin and France. A ski bus service connects Oulx to the ski lifts at Sauze d’Oulx.

There is plenty of ski accommodation of all types and standards available in Sauze d’Oulx and the neighbouring hamlet of Jouvenceaux.

Altitude: 1509 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 87 kilometres

Sauze d’Oulx Ski Video

Sauze d’Oulx tourist office ski video

Cesana Torinese

Cesare Torinese is a little further along the Susa valley towards the Swiss border and acts as a connecting point between the long ski trails sweeping down from the Sansicario area and the lift link through to Clavière and over the border into France and the ski resort of Montgenevre.

The town played host to the women’s ski events in the 2006 Winter Olympics based in Turin as well as the biathlon and bobsleigh competitions.

Cesana is often mentioned in conjunction with Sansicario, higher up the mountain in the direction of Sauze d’Oulx, but it makes a good destination in its own right, with easy access, a range of accommodation and links to the different sectors of the Milky Way ski region.

Altitude: 1350 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 91 kilometres


The small ski resort of Clavière is located high on the border pass between France and Italy and links into the skiing above the French village of Montgenèvre. The ski runs here are best for intermediates and beginners and those at that level could quite happily use the local lift pass and stay on the slopes above the two resorts for the duration of their stay.

Those who are interested in going further afield will take the lifts up to Colle Bercia for the connecting ski trails through to Cesana Torinese.

Altitude: 1760 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 97 kilometres

Clavière Ski Video

Video shot from the air above Clavière


It could be argued that Sestrière is the ski resort most closely linked to Turin as the famous circular towers which are a feature of the settlement were built in the 1930s as a recreational facility for workers at the city’s Fiat headquarters.

Sestrière is the highest of the ski resorts in the Milky Way and, along with Montgenèvre, the furthest away from Turin. There is plenty of skiing of all difficulty levels above the village and two other main Milky Way ski resorts – Sauze d’Oulx and Cesana Torinese – can be easily reached by taking a gondola ride to the top of a neighbouring ridge.

The high altitude means that the snow record tends to be good on the trails near the resort and there are plenty of opportunities for those looking for fresh powder on days following a snowfall.

Altitude: 2035 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 99 kilometres

Sestrière Ski Video

Family skiing above Sestrière


Located on the other side of the border in France, Montgenèvre is not only the furthest ski resort by road from Turin in the Milky Way (along with Sestrière) but it also probably the most distant when it comes to travel on skis or snowboard.

Nonetheless the skiing above the village, reached through the ski lifts above Clavière, is worth a trip during a week’s break in the Vialattea ski region. Montgenèvre is claimed to be one of the oldest ski resorts in France and it has a pleasant historic centre with good access to the lift system.

A local ski pass, which includes parts of the skiing above Clavière, is available for those who do not wish to attempt the whole of the Milky Way region.

Altitude: 1850 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 99 kilometres

Montgenèvre Ski Video

Tourist office video from Montgenèvre


Bardonecchia is unusual in that it is an independent ski resort not connected to any other area in the region. It is, however, only a few kilometres away from the access points to the skiing of the Vialattea at Cesana Torinese and Sauze d’Oulx for those who are looking for a more extensive ski area.

Bardonecchia itself has two of its own ski areas. The largest, the Colomin-Melezet area, can be accessed from the Campo Smith area of town and offers a beginner area near the base and lengthy intermediate trails from the top of the lifts.

The other area, Jafferau on the other side of the main road up to the French border, is smaller but rises higher in altitude. It can be reached by ski bus from the main town.

Altitude: 1300 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 92 kilometres

Bardonecchia Ski Video

Tourist office video of Bardonecchia skiing

Turin and the Monterosa ski resorts

The Monterosa ski region is located to the north of Turin, with two of its ski resorts being around 100 kilometres away from the city.

The entire ski region includes some smaller towns and villages which are not linked in to the main ski area, which includes the lifts above Champoluc, Gressoney La Trinité and Alagna. The first two ski resorts are easiest to reach from Turin by heading in the direction of Aosta and turning off the main valley at the appropriate junction.

The skiing here may not be that well-known but it is great for intermediate-level skiers and boarders as well as having plenty of scope for experienced powder skiers.

Gressoney La Trinité

Gressoney La Trinité is the most central of the three main linked ski resorts in the Monterosa region. Lifts from here rise to the Seehorn where the trail leads to the link over into Alagna to the east. Here there is ample scope for powder on the runs down into the valley when conditions are right.

The link to Champoluc and the west is via the Colle Bettaforca from the slightly higher hamlet of Stafal. Accommodation is available in Gressoney La Trinité, Stafal and, further down the valley, at Gressoney Saint Jean.

Altitude: 1637 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 100 kilometres

Gressoney Ski Video

Aosta valley tourist office video of Gressoney


Champoluc is situated at the western edge of the Monterosa ski region and is the best option for beginner and early intermediate skiers wanting to come to this area. Of course, there is plenty of choice for more advanced skiers and boarders as well, but the options for lower levels tend to be more limited in the Monterosa region.

Champoluc has a decent amount of accommodation near the ski lifts and other options are available in Frachey, just up the valley with its own lifts into the circuit.

Altitude: 1579 metres above sea level
Distance from Turin: 107 kilometres

Champoluc Ski Video

Aosta valley tourist office video of Champoluc