When to visit the Tyrol – March

The transition from winter into spring makes March a great time to visit the Tyrol. Those who want to enjoy some spring skiing can still find snow on the mountains, but the valleys will also have thawed enough for bikers to enjoy their own pastime. In places like the Karwendel Nature Park, hikers can see beautiful Christmas roses. It’s also a great time to explore picturesque towns like Hall, with its pastel colour scheme and winding, cobbled streets full of little cafes and shops.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enjoy the transition from winter to spring with the birds singing in the trees and the sun warming the soil.
  • Even though there is snow up in the mountains during spring, in the valley you can often take your latte outdoors.
  • Some of the flowers that are early to bloom in spring are the Christmas roses, also called the Winter Rose, that bloom late in winter towards spring.

“For winter-loving sun worshippers, the best time to visit the Tyrol is arguably March, the month of fresh, lively, new beginnings.”

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