Sugarbush starts snowmaking

Sugarbush Resort has begun snowmaking for the 2019-20 winter season ahead of its scheduled Opening Day on Saturday, 23 November.

Snowmakers started making snow late last night at upper elevations of both mountains and plan to continue through the week with a string of cold temperatures forecasted. Later this week, if temperatures allow, they’ll also begin blowing snow on Inverness at Mt. Ellen and several trails off the Gate House Quad at Lincoln Peak.

In a change from past snowmaking operations, Sugarbush will be focusing opening Gate House terrain before moving over to the Super Bravo side of the mountain, in order to get terrain for all abilities open earlier in the season. Pushover, Lower Pushover, Slow Poke, Sugarbear Road, and First Time are the first set of lower elevation trails where snowmaking will be focused.

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