Five good reasons to visit Val d’Isère

Val d’Isere boasts some of the best skiing available anywhere, and its pistes have been used for years by the best competitive skiers in the world. In addition to pistes like the famed Face de Bellevarde, there are also lots of great off-piste skiing opportunities as well. After you finish skiing, there are plenty of great amenities, including cozy chalets and an excellent selection of bars and restaurants. With a Michelin-starred chef, a world-class pastry shop and hearty fondue, the culinary options here are truly fantastic.

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes Val d’Isere special is the fact of how big the ski area really is – blessed with 300 kilometers of prepared pistes, 78 lifts, and a multitude of off-piste opportunities.
  • Those who love to ski on-piste can try the challenging and world-famous Face de Bellevarde or the Oreiller Killy racecourses.
  • The possibilities are endless for those who love to ski off-piste. Explore the area with a guide or ski instructor to ensure that you stay safe while enjoying yourself

“It’s impossible not to be bowled over by the sheer beauty of this mountain village, with its ancient houses and more modern chalets built in stone, wood, and slate in the traditional style. The architecture reflects the long history of Val d’Isère.”

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